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  • General English (Office Schooling Programme) @ HMS Host International by Language Assistance
  • General English (Office Schooling Programme) @ PT BAMBOO, Sibang Kaja, Badung-Bali
  • English for Hotel & Restaurant @ Mutiara Bali Resorts and Spa by Language Assistance
  • English for Cruise Line @ Language Assistance: 100% Dijamin "PASTI LULUS" (jika tidak lulus, biaya kursus dijamin DIKEMBALIKAN 100%)
  • English for Spa @ Inna the Grand Bali Beach Hotel and Spa by Language Assistance
  • English for Hotel & Restaurant @ Mutiara Bali Resorts and Spa by Language Assistance
  • General English (Office Schooling Programme) @ HMS Host International by Language Assistance
  • English for Hotel & Restaurant @ Mutiara Bali Resorts and Spa by Language Assistance
  • General English (Office Schooling Programme) @ HMS Host International by Language Assistance
  • English for Spa @ Inna the Grand Bali Beach Hotel and Spa by Language Assistance
  • English for Cruise Line @ Language Assistance: 100% Dijamin "PASTI LULUS" (jika tidak lulus, biaya kursus dijamin DIKEMBALIKAN 100%)
  • English for Cruise Line @ Language Assistance: 100% Dijamin "PASTI LULUS" (jika tidak lulus, biaya kursus dijamin DIKEMBALIKAN 100%)

Indonesian Language Course in Bali @ Language Assistance


Language Assistance


 "Home and Office Schooling Specialist"


Language Assistance offers Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) lesson for foreigners (tourists and expatriates) in Bali. The Indonesian language course is dedicated for foreigners who want to explore more details about Bali and live permanently in the island.


The individual or private (one student taught by one teacher) and group courses are conducted at students’ homes and offices. This allows you to study Bahasa at your most convenient place in Bali as you choose the place to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Bali by your own. Therefore, no traffic jam, no petrol, no stress, no rush and no risk as our teachers will come and teach you Bahasa in "your homes". Wow...what a great service!


Since the Indonesian course is based on practical and assignment based, therefore the course assessment is also assigned according to the mastery on communication and task fulfillment as well as homework given during the course.


Focusing on Indonesian language course, we present valuable and attractive course packages which classified into three levels namely beginner, elementary and intermediate levels. The appropriate level is determined through a placement test which consists of oral and written tests.


The Language Assistance proudly uses an individual and small group class conducted from Monday to Friday in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, innovative teaching methods, and syllabus which specifically designed from a real and live Indonesian language to guarantee the students to speak and communicate Indonesian. Simply, our motto is “other courses may just teach you Indonesian, but we make you communicate Indonesian”. Prove it now!


A complete level of Indonesian course goes for 50 hours (approximately 25 meetings) wherein each meeting normally has a two-hour course. However, more hours for each meeting could be easily arranged. Of course, the more hours you learn Bahasa in Bali, the more fluent your Indonesian language be.


Enjoy learning Indonesian language at "your own home"  (house, hotel, villa, bungalow, etc.) with a very reasonable course fee. It costs only IDR 750,000 per session (between 90 and 120 minutes) including teaching materials for each session, instructor's transportation fee (Denpasar City, Sanur, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Canggu and Ubud) .


We guarantee, you speak Indonesian within one meeting! Please beware to any personals offering low-cost Indonesian language course advertised on the Internet (i.e. blog, facebook, or other forms of free ads); moreover you have not known the detailed backgrounds of their educations and teaching experiences! This may lead to disappointment.


Therefore, please make sure you learn Bahasa Indonesia with a high qualified Indonesian language teacher!   


A fifty percent (50%) non refundable cash deposit is required to guarantee the course which shall be paid upon the course commencement and the balance shall be completed on the fifth meeting. Our office representative is going to meet you in your hotel or villa. Alternatively, payment could be settled through the bank account of the Language Assistance owner (will be advised later).


Language Assistance only offers qualified and long experienced Indonesian instructors who possess Master and Doctorate Degrees in teachings.




Dr Subadra is the most common and well-known Indonesian Language instructor in Bali who has lots of experiences in teaching foreigners (expatriates and students). Dr Subadra has at least been teaching Indonesian for foreigners in Bali since he completed his first degree in 2003. Hundreds of private students have been assisted to learn Indonesian in Bali by him.  



The Language Assistance (LA) is the foremost personalized language training center in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia. Language Assistance is distinctively devoted to providing the utmost quality education, training on foreign languages, Indonesian languages, and other services such as certified translation and interpreter services within the the island of Bali.


The sworn and authorized foreign language translations for legal documents served by Language Assistance are English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Deutsch, Japanese, and Mandarin which translated by certified translators who possess license from the Ministry of Justice of Indonesia.



The non-sworn translations are English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Deutsch, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, and Russian. The institutions which use Language Assistance’s translation service are Nirwana Bali Golf and Hilton Hotel in Bali which published on their homepages as advertisement in Korean language. What a great translation it is!




Please kindly CLICK HERE to contact Language Assistance or just simply CALL Language Assistance through the number displayed below. Thank you!





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Klien Setia Kami  /         Our Corporate Clients

Language Assistance - Faster (lebih cepat), Affordable (terjangkau), Communicative (komunikatif) and Trusted (bisa dipercaya): Conrad Bali, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua-Bali. Sarong Bali, Seminyak-Bali. Red Carpet Champagnebar, Seminyak- Bali. The Chedi Sakala Bali, Nusa Dua–Bali. Villa Markisa (Private Beach Bungalows-Dive Resort), Kubu, Karangasem-Bali. PT. Bamboo Pure, Sibang Kaje, Badung-Bali. The OASIS, Nusa Dua-Bali. PT. Saya Bergerak, Badung-Bali. WDI Indonesia (anak perusahaan WDI Corporation-Japan based World Dinning Inspirations), Bali. PT. JTB Indonesia (Biro Perjalanan Wisata Internasional), Tuban-Bali. Basu Dewa Law Firm (Kantor Pengacara Internasional), Denpasar-Bali. Sudama&Brothers (Visual Communication Designer), Denpasar-Bali. Inna the Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Resorts and Spa, Sanur-Bali. PT Sayap Garuda Indah (SGI), Benoa Heliport Complex, Benoa-Bali. Mutiara Bali Resorts and Spa, Seminyak-Bali. Feyloon Restaurant, Kuta–Bali. Ltd. (Biro Perjalanan Wisata Internasional), Balangan, Jimbaran–Bali. Bali 66, Kuta–Bali. The Breeze, Legian–Bali. PT GPI (Perusahaan Kargo Bertaraf Internasional), Benoa, Denpasar-Bali. Bali Promo (Media Promosi Pariwisata Bali), Denpasar-Bali. PT SMS (Perusahaan Outsourcing), Denpasar–Bali. The Banjar Bali, Kuta-Bali. Universal Education (Kantor Konsultan Pendidikan ke Luar Negeri), Denpasar–Bali. Villa Harmony, Seminyak-Bali. Aston Hotel Denpasar, Ubung-Bali. PT Serasi Kelola Alam (Sekala) Brawa, Canggu-Bali. Exotiq Property (Agen Properti), Seminyak–Bali. PT Jamu Tradisional, Nusa Dua-Bali. PT. Tirta Anugerah Dewata (Water Sports Center @ Inna the Grand Bali Beach), Sanur-Bali. Pan Pacific Bali Nirwana Resort, Tanah Lot, Tabanan-Bali. PT. Kura Kura (Biro Perjalanan Wisata), Kuta-Bali. Mandara Spa, Kuta-Bali. Bamboo Restaurant and Grill, Kuta-Bali. PT JAPINDO-Agen Pemberangkatan TKI ke Luar Negeri, Denpasar-Bali. Bali Travel Net-Biro Perjalanan Wisata Internasional, Denpasar-Bali. Mulia Consultant (Kantor Konsultan Pendidikan ke Luar Negeri), Denpasar-Bali. Kantor Notaris I GUSTI NGURAH PREMANA, ST, SH, MKn, Krobokan, Badung-Bali. HMS Host International, Seminyak, Badung-Bali. Universal Tour & Travel (Biro Perjalanan Wisata Internasional), Denpasar-Bali

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